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About Our Practice

The law firm of Noel E. Schablik, P.A. was founded in 1981 and has been delivering high-quality legal services ever since. Our credo is to provide legal services of the highest quality possible at cost-effective pricing. Each of our attorneys is highly skilled in the areas of practice which he/she undertakes and we commit ourselves to your aggressive and professional representation.

Noel E. Schablik is a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent rated attorney

Our practice includes various types of personal injury and business litigation and counseling, including automobile; product liability; carbon monoxide poisoning; medical malpractice; legal malpractice; discrimination or harassment in the workplace and wrongful discharge litigation; contract negotiation and litigation; business disputes between or among shareholders, partners or limited liability members; automobile franchise counseling and litigation; franchise/licensee counseling and litigation; probate proceedings; matrimonial counseling and litigation; attorney ethics proceedings on behalf of attorneys and grievants and appeals in the state and federal courts.

The firm of Noel E. Schablik, P.A. has an active trial and appellate practice throughout northern New Jersey. Our experienced attorneys can help you:

  • Determine if you or a loved one has a potential personal injury or economic loss claim arising from an automobile accident, a product failure or the conduct of a medical professional, and represent you in pursuing your remedies
  • Determine whether you have a potential claim against an attorney or attorneys who represented you or who gave you advice on which you relied, and represent you in pursuing your remedies.
  • Determine whether you have a potential claim arising from harassment or discrimination against you in the workplace, or whether you were wrongfully discharged from employment, and represent you in pursuing your remedies.
  • Determine whether your corporate co-shareholders or business partners are abusing the trust you placed in them, and represent you in pursuing a full accounting and damages.
  • Determine whether a contract to which you or your business entity is a party has been breached and, if so, represent you in pursuing your remedies.
  • Determine whether there was impropriety in connection with the execution of the last will of a loved one and represent you in pursuing your remedies.
  • Determine whether the executor of an estate, or the trustee of a trust of which you are a beneficiary, has acted inappropriately and represent you in pursuing your remedies.
  • Counsel you in connection with the amicable dissolution of your marriage or domestic partnership and represent you if negotiations fail.
  • Represent you in connection with an ethics grievance filed against an attorney or, if you are an attorney, defend you against an ethics grievance.
  • Determine the merits of a proposed appeal of a judgment entered against you, or defend on appeal a judgment which you obtained against another or others.

Noel E. Schablik, Esq. is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and Seton Hall Law School (cum laude ’73). After serving a one-year judicial clerkship with now-retired Appellate Division Judge John F. Crane, he entered private practice and is the founding member of Noel E. Schablik, P.A.

He has been appointed to and served on District Ethics Committees in two counties, is an appointed member to the Morris County Chancery Practice Committee and is recognized by New Jersey Monthly Magazine as one of New Jersey’s top 100 lawyers in the area of business litigation. His experience includes a vast number of trials, arbitration hearings, ethics hearings and appeals. Mr. Schablik frequently is called upon to serve as an expert witness in legal malpractice matters.

Although he has vast experience in all areas of the firm’s practice, Mr. Schablik currently focuses on professional malpractice, professional ethics, business litigation, toxic tort litigation, probate litigation and appeals. He has more than 30 years’ experience as a trial and appellate attorney and provides a huge resource to all our clients.

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