Parsippany Automobile Dealer Franchise Lawyer

Business Franchise and Unfair Business Practices Law in New Jersey

At one time, acceptance of a franchise agreement placed the franchisee at the mercy of the franchisor. While this is still true to a degree, state and federal legislatures have acted to prevent the arbitrary exercise of power by franchisors to the detriment of franchisees and have adopted legislation insuring a measure of fairness in all aspects of the relationship.

The attorneys at Noel E. Schablik, P.A. are intimately familiar with the applicable business franchise and unfair business practices statutes. They are there to help should you have a problem in this area.

A particularly regulated franchise is the automobile manufacturer/dealer relationship. The complex inter-relationship of state and federal statutes affecting an auto dealer franchise can be daunting. Noel E. Schablik, P.A. has mastered the inter-relationship of these statutes and corresponding case law in representing automobile dealer franchises over the last 15 years. The firm also has intimate knowledge of the business relationship between dealers and manufacturers.

If you own or want to own an automobile dealer franchise, we can help you understand the legal and business issues with which you will be confronted. If you are already a dealer and wish to know your legal rights under New Jersey state and federal statutes, we can provide you with that information. If you are a dealer and are threatened with loss of your franchise or mandated unaffordable improvements, we can help you in your negotiations with your franchisor and any litigation that may follow.

We cordially invite your inquiry on any topic in the areas of business franchise or unfair business practices law.