Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas that can cause catastrophic health problems and death. This stealth-like killer has been referred to as “The Silent Killer.” Carbon monoxide gas can enter your environment from any of a number of sources and, if not immediately detected and arrested, can cause permanently disabling cognitive and physical problems.

Sometimes exposure to carbon monoxide is gradual. The ingestion of carbon monoxide even in low doses over a period of time, however, can have a cumulative effect. Typical symptoms initially include generalized aching, sleep interruption and forgetfulness. As the carbon monoxide accumulates in the system, symptoms become worse and may include stomach or chest pain, bladder problems, kidney problems, memory problems and interruption of the ability to process thoughts. All too often these problems become permanent and totally disable the person from employment and recreational activities.

Carbon monoxide poisoning, because of its infrequency, is often misdiagnosed by the medical profession. Symptoms are frequently attributed to perceived psychological issues and preoccupation with bodily health. This only prolongs the exposure and ultimate treatment for this dreaded disease.

Sources of carbon monoxide poisoning frequently are natural gas heaters or boilers and the associated venting system. This source is especially prevalent in our older urban areas, where maintenance may not be the landlord’s highest priority. Other sources include wood-burning stoves or fireplaces and their venting systems, unvented portable heating units and exhaust gases from cars, trucks and airplanes.

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